Bottomless Book Sales: A Simple Proven Strategy for Busy Authors to Sell 100 – 300+ More Books Every Month – eBook


This ebook book will teach you how to

  • create a winning sales funnel strategy
  • how to target your ideal readers
  • how to create ads that actually work


Most books don’t sell because authors have no idea how to sell them, not because there is no demand for them.

This book is a use-it-now, no-fluff guide for authors who are ready to grow their sales quickly and predictably.

Packed with valuable and actionable advice for authors who are ready to strategically reach their ideal audience and sell more books

Have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing your book online?

This is the book for you.

Learn strategies and frameworks for creating high-converting landing pages and ads

Clarkson also reveals secrets to quickly improve your sales, boost your revenue, and bring you more readers every single day.

Mr. Clarkson and his team have used these methods to generate millions of dollars in revenue for his clients.

Now, you can have access to them at your fingertips.


This book 1. Helped me get started with my ads right away and 2. Ask the RIGHT questions when getting ad help. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to realistically grow their online book sales. This book has also helped me re-evaluate and adjust my non-author related business strategies.


This is a great book for authors to have in their collection. You’ll be able to start applying the techniques right away. The chapter on Facebook ads alone makes this book worth it!


I am so grateful to be in possession of this book. The author helped to answer questions that others just made more confusing. I am now ready to go further and step into my next!

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